Monitor finds Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust in significant breachRSS

Published on: 23rd March 2012

Monitor, the independent regulator of NHS foundation trusts, has found that Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust is in significant breach of the terms of its authorisation due to its failure to provide effective leadership and governance.

The decision is triggered by the failure of the Trust Board to address Care Quality Commission (CQC) concerns within an appropriate period of time.

Following a period of review, Monitor has found that the Board is failing to exercise appropriate non-executive leadership in identifying and addressing risks to quality of care. The regulator has warned that, despite the fact that the Trust has now dealt with concerns raised by the CQC since May 2010, there remains a risk that without effective Board oversight further issues may arise.

The Trust will be kept under close scrutiny and will be expected to commission a review of the way the Trust governs health services to understand how the weaknesses can be addressed. Monitor expects the Trust to provide assurance that there are effective arrangements in place to monitor and improve the quality of healthcare, in line with recommendations made by an external review of Board leadership. If Monitor finds that the Trust Board is not making adequate improvements, our Board may decide to use its powers of formal intervention. 

Speaking after Monitor’s Board Committee made its decision, Stephen Hay, Chief Operating Officer at Monitor, said:

"The central issue is that, while the Trust has now addressed the CQC’s concerns, the way they did this and the time they took revealed a lack of strong leadership at Board level.

We welcome the steps the incoming Chief Executive has already taken. However, if the Board cannot drive improvements in the way they run the Trust, there is a risk that similar issues may arise again.

We will be keeping a close eye on the Trust and will review its progress against specific actions. We’ve made it clear that if the Trust fails to deliver timely and sustainable progress, we’ll look again at whether we need to take further regulatory action."



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