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Impact Assessment – the new NHS provider licence

Published on: 5 September 2012

Monitor has a statutory duty to conduct an impact assessment where we propose to do something which will have a significant impact on providers or users of NHS services, or on the general public. We commissioned PwC to carry out an impact assessment of the proposed NHS provider licence.

Download - Impact Assessment – the new NHS provider licence - (1.56 MB)

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 requires Monitor to introduce a regulatory licence for providers of NHS services and this licence will form a key part of the new regulatory system.

The licence will set out various obligations on providers of NHS services. There are other parts of the regulatory system in addition to the provider licence - some of these will be defined by the Department of Health in secondary legislation, and some will be put in place by our partners such as the NHS Commissioning Board.

We have developed 30 proposed licence conditions split into six broad groups: General; Pricing; Choice and Competition; Integrated Care; Continuity of Services; and NHS foundation trust. Monitor will have a range of powers enabling it to enforce these licence conditions.

Assessing the impact

This independent report analyses the costs and benefits of each of the proposed licence conditions. The licence conditions and impact assessment were developed in parallel so that impacts could be taken into account as we completed our licence proposals. The impact assessment was then finalised to reflect the proposed licence conditions as published.

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